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Article 232 of N.4072/2012, established the "Limitation obligations SA and LTD for publishing documents and data "and by that article, states: 1. Where in N.K 2190/1920 and Law 3190/1955 provided for publication in other print media, except ΦΕΚ/ΤΑΕ-ΕΠΕ and G.E.MI, may be replaced with a suspension of operations and intelligence posts in the company's website, where the address that is registered in the Company's shares. For posting the above transactions and data to the company's website is informed without delay the relevant Register. Deadlines associated with publication in other print media than the ΦΕΚ/ΤΑΕ-ΕΠΕ and G.E.M.I deemed to commence or expire from the day the company announced in its register to post on the site.

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