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Express Check-In:
Please complete Express Check-in in order to save time and access your room immediatelly upon arrival.

Check -in / Check-out Time
Check -in time is 14:00 on your date of arrival.
Check-out time is 12:00 noon on your date of departure.

Can I arrange an early check-in?
Should you arrive at the property before your check-in time luggage storage is available and the use of the hotel leisure facilities is welcome. A request for early check-in can be made direct with the hotel however it is not guaranteed. If you expect to arrive early and would like to access your room immediately we recommend you to book your room from the night before.

Can I arrange a late check-out?
Your check-out time is at 12am. A late check-out can only be arranged with the reception and usually depends on availability at the time of your stay. You can ask about the possibility of a late check out at reception upon arrival. If you wish to guarantee a later check out we recommend you to book your room for an additional night.



Transfer on Arrival:
If you haven’t request for transfer and would like us to pick you up from Paxos port, please inform us at least 48 hours before arrival date ( Please provide also boat name / arrival information to Paxos). Email:


Κρατήσεις Πλοίων

Από Ηγουμενίτσα προς Παξούς – Με Ferry Boat

– Ferry Boat¨ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ¨: Τηλ. (26650)29255 28085
– Ferry Boat ¨ΑΓΙΟΣ ΠΑΝΤΕΛΕΗΜΟΝ¨ Τηλ. (26650) 24090

Από Παξούς προς Ηγουμενίτσα – Με Ferry Boat

– ¨ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ¨: Τηλ. (26620)32269
-¨ΑΓΙΟΣ ΠΑΝΤΕΛΕΗΜΟΝ¨ : Τηλ.( 26620) 32114

ΛΙΜΕΝΑΡΧΕΙΟ ΠΑΞΩΝ: (26620) 32259

Αν έρχεστε από Κέρκυρα χωρίς όχημα , παρακαλώ επικοινωνήστε με τα παρακάτω τηλέφωνα των πρακτορείων για να κλείσετε θέση.

Απο Κέρκυρα προς Παξούς – (χωρίς όχημα)

– Ilida II:(Διάρκεια ταξιδιού 1 ώρα)
website: |
Τηλ. (26610) 49800 | Φαξ. (26610) 44004

– Despina: (Διάρκεια ταξιδιού 1’30” ώρα).
Τηλ. (26620) 32114

Other Information

Other Important Information:
Wifi 64bit WEP Key     : pbh123456
Safe Key                       : Please ask front office during your check-in
Pool Towels                  : Available at  the Front Desk
Boat and Car Rental     : Can be arranged through the Front Desk


We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not spam in any ways.

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